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Last night was going great until the SWAT team busted down the door.

I’ll back up.

About a week ago I started going to a new game.  A dealer friend of mine mentioned a new spot he was working and suggested I stop by.  The game was old school NYC poker club.  It was nicer than any I’d been in, had two tables running, and even had a full on security system.  Cameras watched you from the second you buzzed the building’s front door all the up to the apartment on the 4th floor.

Not only did this spot have a unique knack of making a player feel safe, but it also seemed to attract some of the weakest fish I had ever seen.

So after a couple weekend nights playing this new game I decided to come in on a weekday and see what the action was like.  Just as I got there last night people were sitting down in the second game to start playing.  I bought in a little deep, $300 in a $1-2NL game, and sat down ready to grind.

About five hands into the night this hand came up.  I raised in middle position with ThTc and got three callers.  The flop came Ts5c2s.  I bet about ¾ of the pot to force any flush or straight draws to pay.  I got one caller, a notorious chaser.  The turn was my gin card, the 5s.  This card made my opponent’s flush, but also completed my full house.  I checked to the villain and slowly called his bet.  On the blank river I went all-in and was insta-called by his flush.  Good game you.

After picking up a few little pots here and there I pulled almost the same exact stunt on another player who was sitting $400 deep, and got his whole stack.  What a night.  Only about 2hrs in and I’m already sitting on a $1,000 stack!  This game was great, but unfortunately it was a must-move, which means as seats opened in the main game players had to move from my table.  Unfortunately the main table was a terrible nitty game, so by the time I was next to move I figured I would just rack up and leave when it was my turn to push.

And the all hell broke loose.

All of a sudden the monitors lit up with cops in uniform sprinting up the building’s stairs with guns drawn…

I will post the rest of this story in the next few days.

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